Beach Threesome

A sketch done at the Jersey shore and finalized in soft pastel on board. I exhibited my beach scenes at the Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY and the Hahn Gallery in Philadelphia, Pa and after many years of my association with them, both galleries have closed their doors. I always liked to draw beach scenes because it’s a place where people are in bathing suits so the figure can be seen and they are physically active- strolling, running, leaping , swimming. The relaxing and resting make great subjects also. When I work on a final piece anything can be added as I tell the story. The boy was added, the swimmers in the surf were deleted and the bucket was replaced with a seashell.  I don’t have a sketch for him, many times they were done on a piece of paper which probably was thrown away.



The final artwork in soft pastel. I like the clouds in the sketch better, don’t know why they didn’t make it but perhaps it was an issue of available space. Prints are available of this painting. Click here